What is PowerTransition?

PowerTransition from PowerObjects is a subscription-based program that provides end-to-end project management for the required conversion from Microsoft’s classic web interface to Unified Client Interface (UCI). With PowerTransition, organizations of all sizes can rest assured knowing your Dynamics 365 environment will be prepared for the conversion, designed correctly for the UCI, and fully tested through our robust quality assurance process.

How Will PowerTransition Help?

In October 2020, Microsoft will deprecate the classic web interface, thereby pushing clients to upgrade to the new Unified Client Interface (UCI). We strongly recommend beginning the transition process early because although changing from the classic web interface to the UCI is just a matter of flipping a switch, there is so much more involved in terms of ensuring everything in your Dynamics 365 environment is configured correctly for the UCI – otherwise, you risk losing functionality in the new interface.

Prepping your environment properly and efficiently requires a full quality assurance process. PowerTransition is designed to manage every aspect of this transition for your organization. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

PowerTransition Support Includes:

Transition Consultation

PowerObjects consults and assists in transitioning from the classic web interface to the new UCI.

JavaScript Compatibility

PowerObjects updates all JavaScript code in your Dynamics 365 environment to ensure it works with new UCI.

Forms Redesign

PowerObjects handles the redesign of all forms and business rules to ensure they adhere to the new UCI.

UCI Training

PowerObjects designs and delivers UCI training sessions for end-users, administrators, and future trainers.

PowerPack Compatibility

To ensure seamless functionality with the UCI, PowerObjects updates all PowerPack add-ons in use.

Security Roles

PowerObjects creates new model driven apps based on user role or security roles.

Learn more about the Unified Client Interface transition and required steps here.

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