Cloud Migration Made Easy

What is the Online Accelerator?

The future is in the cloud and many organizations are still running on-premises deployments of Dynamics 365 because migrating systems and data to the cloud has traditionally been expensive, risky (in terms of maintaining data integrity and security), and fraught with costly downtime.

But with the Online Accelerator from PowerObjects, migrating to the cloud won’t be any of those things! It’s a migration tool that leverages the power of Azure and designed to take your organization through the process step by step. The Accelerator’s engine was designed specifically to deliver ultra-fast migration of all your Dynamics 365 data.

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Compared to the on-premises version of Dynamics 365, an online (aka cloud) version has many distinct advantages, including:

Efficient Process

More efficient D365 processes

Data Security

Airtight data security

Business Growth

Scalability for your business to grow

Cost Savings

Cost savings everywhere you look

Why Use the Online Accelerator?

Your organization could attempt a manual cloud migration, but then you’re back to that expensive and risky option that involves lots of downtime. With the Online Accelerator, you’ll enjoy:

Very little downtime. The engine accelerates your data migration so much that being offline is a thing of the past!
Accurate and complete data transfer. You’ll avoid the human errors associated with manual transfers and be assured that all current and historical data is moved safely and securely to the cloud.
Ongoing support. The Online Accelerator is more than just a Dynamics 365 migration engine – it’s a complete end-to-end support program with dedicated support engineers.
Plenty of cost savings. First, you’re spending less money when migration is speedy and error-free. Second, our Cloud Solution Provider program can manage your cloud licenses, saving you maintenance and renewal costs. And third, bundling the Online Accelerator with a subscription to one of our ongoing support plans greatly reduces the cost of your migration project.

Ready to get started?

Download our Online Accelerator factsheet for additional information, and then contact us when you’re ready to get started!