A Marketing Automation Solution that Turns Prospects into Revenue

Regardless of industry, an organization’s success depends on the Marketing team identifying and nurturing prospects, the Sales team turning prospects into loyal customers, and those two teams being aligned in terms of objectives, goals, definitions, processes, and technology. Too often, it’s that last piece that causes pain for organizations. Enter Dynamics 365 for Marketing!

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is built on the same platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales, so your sales and marketing teams use common customer data and connected processes to engage, nurture, and convert more leads. And you will maximize marketing performance with embedded intelligence that helps you target the right audience and prioritize your hottest leads.

Sales and Marketing

Why Customers Use Dynamics 365 for Marketing

To align marketing and sales in a way that allows for seamless sharing of information and data, leading to a tighter nurture funnel and higher conversion rates

To enable real-time, data-driven decision-making through concise, intuitive, and visual dashboards that track activities, performance, and results

To find and nurture more sales-ready leads across channels and more consistently turn them into long-lasting and profitable relationships

To drive innovation with a modern, adaptable platform that is easy to customize, extend, and connect to other systems and apps being used

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