Digital Transformation for Utilities

Utilities and energy providers are now expected to deliver an omni-channel and hyper-personalized customer experience to remain relevant, all while helping customers keep costs low. It is an increasingly challenging industry, and with thin margins and constant pricing fluctuations, success in the channel demands a fully streamlined field service and customer service infrastructure.

As the worldwide leader in Dynamics 365 and related Microsoft Business Applications, PowerObjects provides the expertise to help Utilities digitally transform to meet constantly evolving demands.

PowerObjects Solutions for Utilities

Dynamics 365 empowers electricity service providers and power utility companies to build customer relationships, providing excellent service and memorable customer experiences across all connected devices.

  • Implement intelligent resource scheduling optimization. It’s not enough to implement a technology solution that simply collects field data. The information collected needs to connect with other data sources and allow insight for timely scheduling of appropriate resources that will ensure customer satisfaction and improve workforce utilization. With the Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service Mobile App, technicians have the right tools and information to better serve customers on that first visit.
  • Predictive maintenance has never been so important. If you can’t address issues before your clients even see them coming, then you’re at risk of losing those valued customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service helps Utilities schedule the appropriate resources, track assets, and prevent outages, all while keeping the customer up to date along the way.
  • Build your business around the customer. Today’s power customers are evolving – more than ever before, they are informed, involved, and even actively producing energy. As a result, they demand up-to-date information about energy consumption and production. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions allow organizations to coordinate energy balancing to support demand response programs and encourage participation in energy usage decisions.
  • Safeguard your infrastructure future. A Dynamics 365 solution from PowerObjects is more than a single-point solution, it’s an intelligent business application platform that unifies your entire business – connecting people, processes, and data. Building your business on this strong foundation not only positions you right today, it makes you future ready.

What can Dynamics 365 for Field Service do for your Utilities processes?

NOV required a solution that offered visibility and mobile access that could be successfully deployed to facilities and resources worldwide.

PowerObjects’ partnership with NOV focused on the importance of an innovative solution using Dynamics 365 for Field Service, while addressing change management and driving superior customer service.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive tool for efficient resource and knowledge management
  • Mobile platform provides real-time updates and accessibility
  • Complete visibility for enhanced customer experience

Connected Field Service

Don’t settle for reacting to problems once they arise. Instead, proactively address them before they occur. In other words, prevent them from happening in the first place!

The fact is, nearly 75% of breakdowns and outages can be avoided by implementing a preventive maintenance practice. With Connected Field Service, you’ll enable preventive maintenance, allowing your organization to proactively respond to issues in the field. It promises significant cost savings!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service connects IoT telemetry to business actions. In turn, it empowers organizations to track, view, and manage all aspects of their field service processes – from implementation and production to maintenance and replacement. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

  1. Capture data from a machine
  2. Drive that data into Azure IoT
  3. Define the parameters to create an alert within Dynamics 365
  4. Provide the analysis to define and refine predictive maintenance


Utilities White Paper-Take the Next Step to Digital Transformation

Transforming Organizations in the Utilities Industry

A digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers the level of insight and control necessary for utility providers to meet consumer demands.

Connected Field Service

Webinar on Demand: Connected Field Service

Technology is the fuel that keeps your field service organization running smoothly… until it doesn’t. In today’s competitive market, if your technology solution is not propelling your business forward, it’s holding you back. Don’t stand by and watch it happen…


Benefits of ERP for the Oil and Gas Industries

3 Benefits of ERP for the Oil and Gas Industries

An effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is an absolute must for all oil and gas businesses.

In an industry where cost per barrel can fluctuate as much as 86% in less than 24 hours, predictability and streamlined operations are the key to success.

So, whether you view your organization from a finance, project, or productivity perspective, a powerful ERP system can create a more comprehensive business platform – and change the way your oil and gas company remains competitive.

Webinar on Demand: Connected Field Service

Technology is the fuel that keeps your field service organization in high gear…until it doesn’t. If your technology is not propelling you forward, it’s holding you back.

Don’t stand by and watch it happen…

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What do you get with PowerObjects as your digital transformation partner?

PowerObjects is 100% focused on providing service, support, education, and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our customer-centric approach ensures your solution is tailored to your organization’s needs, that you can maximize user adoption with our education and training programs, and that you receive on-demand technical help from our dedicated support team. We make sure you get the most out of Dynamics 365! We’ve learned from working with thousands of customers what it takes to make a Dynamics 365 implementation successful and have put that knowledge into action to help you get the most from your investment.