Dynamics 365 Accelerator for Insurance


Every industry is competitive, but the insurance market takes competition to a new level. The fierce competition breeds razor-thin margins, meaning that consumers will pay about the same regardless of carrier.

With so many options available, customers are defecting faster than ever before based on one poor experience or any sense of dissatisfaction. And the insurance industry, in particular, depends on strong client retention to ensure policy-level profitability.

Excellent client service has become the baseline. Being able to deliver is no longer a positive differentiator in the traditional sense. Instead, not delivering consistently is now a negative differentiator that drives clients to a different carrier.

PowerInsurance – PowerObjects’ Dynamics 365 Accelerator for the Insurance industry – leverages Microsoft Business Applications, our own PowerPack add-ons, and our PowerApps mobile toolkit for insurance to empower organizations to deliver consistently superior customer experiences.

Power Insurance

Why PowerInsurance?

Built on Dynamics 365, PowerInsurance is a custom solution designed by insurance experts based on years of experience within the industry. It accelerates CRM implementations by leveraging the Microsoft technology stack: Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, Azure, Power Platform, AI, Machine Learning, Microsoft One Common Data Layer, and the innovative Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Our very own suite of PowerPack add-ons also offer enhanced capabilities and user experiences, such as integrated telephony, dynamic surveying, and marketing campaign automation. These tools were built to strengthen and expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 and they are already incorporated in the PowerInsurance accelerator.

PowerInsurance features preconfigured insurance-specific products and services; a holistic claims management system; separate portals for clients and agents; capability to integrate with underwriting systems and seamless automation of the process; and omnichannel capability for each policyholder’s preferred communication source. It all works together to deliver an insurance solution that increases revenue, reduces operating expense, helps mitigate risk, and accelerates deployment.

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Key Benefits of PowerInsurance

  • Enables product bundling and cross-sell capabilities.
  • Offers customized customer journeys that cater to each stakeholder.
  • Delivers intelligent lead scoring and automated allocation rules.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of the individual, corporate customer, and agent to enable differentiated customer interactions.
  • Reduces time to value and accelerates the innovation of applications to empower agents.
  • Enables carriers to handle more interactions and anticipate customer needs in a proactive manner.
  • Tailored mobile app for agents to view key data and track performance.

Why PowerObjects for Insurance?

Our FSI practice was named the 2019 Global Microsoft Financial Services Partner of the Year.
Our Customer Service practice was named the 2019 Global Dynamics 365 Partner of the Year.
We have extensive insurance experience, actively working with several large global firms.
We are 100% focused on Microsoft Business Applications.
Our insurance acumen is unmatched in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. We know the industry, the language, and the unique challenges. We’ve seen them and we’ve solved them.
Our four pillars of Service, Support, Education, and Add-ons ensure end-to-end project success every time.


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Power Insurance Fact Sheet


Learn how PowerInsurance can increase revenue, reduce operating expenses, help mitigate risk, and accelerate deployment.

What do you get with PowerObjects as your digital transformation partner?

PowerObjects is 100% focused on providing service, support, education, and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our customer-centric approach will ensure that your solution is tailored to your organization’s needs, that you can maximize your user-adoption with our education and training programs, and receive on-demand technical help from our dedicated support team. We make sure you get the most out of Dynamics 365! We’ve learned from working with thousands of customers what it takes to make a Dynamics 365 implementation successful and have put that knowledge into action to help you get the most from your investment.