A simple solution that allows you to score your leads and contacts based on their behavior within CRM for Dynamics 365.

What is PowerScore?

How can you rank your CRM contacts and leads? With PowerScore of course. PowerScore is a simple solution that allows you to score your leads and contacts based on their behavior. Simply define your scoring rules and you’re done. Then sit back and let the cream of the crop float to the top.

PowerScore lets you score leads and contacts based on:

  • Web Traffic
  • Web Forms
  • Surveys
  • Downloads of Documents
  • Attributes of the Lead or Contact such as Job Title or Industry
  • Opened E-Mails
  • Clicked Through Links

You define the rules for your CRM. Examples include:

  • The person visited our website x number of times
  • The person visited our products page
  • The person submitted a given web form
  • The person submitted x number of web forms
  • The person answered a given question
  • The person submitted x number of surveys
  • The person downloaded x number of documents you sent them
  • The person resides in a given state, etc.

In all rules, you define the number of points to give or take away. And each rule can be applied to just leads, just contacts or both. Using the rules you define, PowerScore continually ranks your leads and contacts, allowing you to direct the appropriate resources towards them. Improve your marketing, make your call campaign more direct and reward and thank your best customers. With PowerScore it’s easy to learn more about prospect and customer behavior.



Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted – this includes read-only users, admin-only users, and service accounts.



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