It’s All Relative: How to Relate an SLA Directly to a Case in CRM 2016
February 23, 2016

SLAs (Service Level Agreements) were introduced in Microsoft Dynamics 2013 SP1 (6.1). This robust feature lets you manage response and resolution commitments for your customers. CRM 2015 enhanced SLAs even

Timer Tuesday: Managing Long Duration SLA KPI Instances
December 8, 2015

The Service Level Agreement functionality in Dynamics CRM offers many options for managing the initial response and resolution for cases out-of-the-box. One particularly useful option is that you can configure

SLA Enhancements for Dynamics CRM 2015
September 25, 2014

There are many great new features and some major changes that come with the Dynamics CRM 2015 release. A big enhancement to SLA has many Dynamics users very excited! While the standard SLA

Spring ’14 Wave Update: How to Create Holiday Scheduling in Dynamics CRM
June 25, 2014

For those out there wondering how to ensure that your Service Level Agreement (SLA) is not affected by a holiday that your organization recognizes, Spring ’14 Wave has an update for you!