The CRM Minute: Monoprice and Parature – A Customer Care Story
March 23, 2016

The customer care industry is changing. Elements like consumer behaviors and the evolution of technology are influencing those changes. Organizations focused on customer care need to evolve with their customers.

Five Awesome Benefits of Parature, from Microsoft
February 25, 2016

Today’s customers expect more out of their customer service experiences and your customer service agents need to be able to deliver the right information and the right time. Parature, from

Downloading Files Using Parature Chat
August 7, 2015

Parature Chat is a wonderful way to give your customer fast, reliable, and cost effective service in real time. Although Parature Chat isn’t as robust as interacting through a service

Best Practices using EasyAnswer in Parature, from Microsoft
April 24, 2015

The goal of Parature, from Microsoft is to improve the customer experience with self-service by allowing customers to get answers fast and without opening a support ticket. If you can