Will it Excel Template? Overcoming Common Obstacles of Excel Templates
September 29, 2017

Excel templates are a fantastic option for analyzing and presenting Dynamics 365 data in a repeatable manner – learn how to present your data in this blog.

Taking Virtual Clinics from Concept to Completion
Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust Presents: Taking Virtual Clinics from Concept to Completion
January 26, 2017

Before Dynamics 365, PowerObjects’ customer Virtual Fracture Clinic, was utilizing tools found in the wider Microsoft stack, with a heavy reliance on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook for online referrals

CRM Document Template
Utilizing Dynamics CRM Document Templates through the Outlook Client
October 17, 2016

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, an awesome new feature has been introduced. It gives you the ability to create Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel templates to easily get data out of CRM