Create a Dynamic Marketing List Based on PowerScore Rules
October 10, 2017

There are countless scenarios in which Dynamics 365 and PowerScore can work to your marketing advantage. In this scenario, we’ll set up a PowerScore Rule

cannot add records to marketing lists
Fixed: Cannot Add Records to Marketing Lists
July 31, 2017

We have identified a fix for a problem that affects upgraded CRM 2016 on-prem environments when using marketing lists and today’s blog will tell you all about it! Let’s jump

Dear Joe: Unsubscribes in PowerMailChimp are Making Me CRAZY!
August 25, 2016

Dear Joe, I’ve been using PowerMailChimp for years and love being able to see our statistics in CRM. We’ve been able to increase our client engagement with our mailing two-fold!

Using Related Records to Help Segment a Marketing List
July 25, 2016

Marketing lists in CRM can be used to send communications to Lead, Contact, or Account records in the system, which is awesome, but can sometimes be limiting. Did you know