Did you know that you can use Dynamic marketing lists to pool together contacts or leads that have reached a certain marketing score threshold?

This is a great practice for the native Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing capabilities and the PowerObjects PowerPack, PowerScore. It is especially useful if you want to segment your contact and lead databases based on the way they interact with your websites, emails, or inquiries. It also ensures that you have a fresh list of contacts and leads who already fit the audience of your marketing initiative.

There are countless scenarios in which Dynamics 365 and PowerScore can work to your marketing advantage. In this scenario, we’ll set up a PowerScore Rule then create a Campaign and Dynamic Marketing List. When a contact or lead meets the PowerScore Rule and the Dynamic Marketing List criteria, the contact will appear in the Dynamic Marketing List.

1. If you don’t already have PowerScore installed, you can find the Solution, Installation Guide, and User Guide here.

2. Set up your PowerScore Rules following the User Guide. (You can find the User Guide on the link above).

3. Create a Dynamic Marketing List:
Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists > New in Dynamics 365 to create a new Marketing List. Make sure you set the List Type to Dynamic and Target At to either a Lead or a Contact.

4. In the Members subgrid, click the + button. This is where you’ll set the criteria for your Dynamic Marketing List. In the Select drop-down, choose Score (This is the field that is calculated and populated when a PowerScore Rule is met. Adjust the Equals dropdown to Is Greater Than or Equal To. Then, enter the enter the threshold score – we’re using 30 in this example).

5. Click User Query.

6. If you currently have contacts that meet the PowerScore criteria you will see them in the Members subgrid. If not, you will see members added to the list as they meet the PowerScore criteria.

7. You can manually test this by using a sample contact, ensuring that the contact meets the PowerScore Rules, then the Dynamic Marketing List criteria.

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Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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