Dear Joe,

I’ve been using PowerMailChimp for years and love being able to see our statistics in CRM. We’ve been able to increase our client engagement with our mailing two-fold! One thing we have struggled with, however, is that our dynamic Marketing Lists exclude any records that do not allow bulk emails, but PowerMailChimp does not update that field when someone unsubscribes. Even though the people who unsubscribed can’t be synced to our master MailChimp list, we’ve been manually updating our CRM records and I would love for this to be automated. Can you help me out?


Marketer in Memphis

Dear Marketer,

Glad to hear your success with PowerMailChimp! The PowerMailChimp solution won’t mark the Bulk Email field as Do Not Allow when someone unsubscribes in MailChimp, since every company handles their lists differently and an unsubscribe doesn’t necessarily mean that the person should never receive another bulk email.

For organizations like yours, who are using one list in MailChimp and unsubscribing does mean the person should never receive another bulk email, you can easily automate the update with our free workflow utility. The utility will allow you to add a step to identify if the Regarding record is an Account, Contact, or Lead, and update the appropriate record.

1. Download the free Regarding Type utility here.

2. Import the zip file into CRM (Settings > Solutions > Import).

3. Create a workflow for PowerMailChimp Unsubscribe Activity.

Start by creating a workflow which will trigger when a PowerMailChimp Activity is created and then create two stages within that workflow.

In the first stage, create a Check Condition with a Conditional Branch to check that the PowerMailChimp Activity Type is equal to Unsubscribe and if the Regarding field is populated. If the Regarding field does not contain data, then the workflow can be stopped. If the Regarding field does contain data, then the Get Regarding plugin can be started to find the Regarding’s entity type (i.e. Account, Contact, or Lead). We called this step “Find entity type.”

Unsubscribes in PowerMailChimp

In the second stage, create a Check Condition with two Conditional Branches so that the appropriate record can be updated. Start by checking if the “Find entity type” step’s output is equal to Account and then update the Bulk Email field on the Regarding Account.

Then, set the Conditional Branches below to check if the “Find entity type” step’s output is Contact or Lead, and update the Bulk Email field on the Regarding Contact/Lead record.

Unsubscribes in PowerMailChimp

Once the workflow is created, you can activate it and new PowerMailChimp Unsubscribe Activities will result in the Bulk Email being set to Do Not Allow. If you’ve been using PowerMailChimp and want to use this workflow on older Unsubscribe Activities, just set the workflow as On-Demand and run the workflow on a view of Unsubscribe Activities.

Remember, you need to set the queries of your CRM Marketing Lists to exclude records with Do Not Allow in the Bulk Email field, otherwise, those who have unsubscribed will still show on your Marketing List.

Need help creating your workflow? Our friendly billable support team can help consult or create custom workflows. Put in your request today! Haven’t tried PowerMailChimp yet? You can trial it FREE for 30-days to see for yourself how awesome sauce it is!



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